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The firm was started in 2005 from humble beginnings by Mr Mahender Singh. The company focused predominantly on design, consulting and end to end solutions for Municipal Solid Waste Management sectors in India. We have built a strong reputation of over 10 years in providing sustainable solutions in Municipality mixed waste processing to clients in India.

The business in 2007 changed its focus and the business model with a strong belief and a shift in mindset to preserve the earth by delivering more environmental friendly sustainable products and technologies.

The Group was the first to introduce High Speed Rapid Composting process in India to deliver cutting edge Organic waste processing technology. We focused on delivering to market this unique innovative technology to help stop the current major environmental problems caused by waste food going into landfill sites.

HOW Biomass Greentech (I) Pvt Ltd was formed in 2015 to enable the group to further transition and focus all of its attention on meeting its long term strategic goals of becoming a leading innovator in the Organic waste processing Industry.

Located in Bangalore, HOW Biomass enjoys the luxury of a workforce that embraces India’s Silicon Valley’s high-quality work ethic. As a result, the company consistently produces reliable solutions that keeps customer operations running efficiently and economical. HOW Biomass offers a highly-trained sales/support staff always available to answer your questions or provide the level of assistance you need to keep the company performing at its peak.

As we continue to grow our extensive range of products through innovation from within our organization as well as partnering with other environmentally focused international companies, HOW Biomass will continue to strive to deliver cutting edge products and technologies that solve many of our modern worlds environmental problems and ensuring our solutions don’t compromise the earth’s resources.

Industries Served

HOW Biomass has developed Rapid High-Speed Compost machines for local composting of domestic waste. Our clients are primarily tenant-owner`s associations, housing firms, building companies, schools, institutional kitchens and municipal corporation. HOW Biomass is a company with extensive experience in the field of composting domestic & mixed city waste. 

Some of the potential sectors where our technology can play a vital role is in;

  • Aerospace & Air Transport - Airports
  • Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
  • Food and Beverage - Food
  • Government - Municipalities
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Waste and Recycling – Composting
Our fully automatic compost machines have a capacity ranging from 100 Kg per day to 50 Tons per day.

Our Philosophy

To make our know how; your advantage


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Technology Partner


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