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Our Services

At HOW Biomass, we provide integrated waste management and environmental solutions, working in partnership with customers to help minimize the financial and environmental impacts of their waste. We provide a total waste management service for the reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery and in affective disposal of waste.

Our expertise lies in converting organic waste into quality compost for use in agriculture, allotments, and community growing projects. Offering a real alternative to landfill, we recover value from materials that cannot be recycled by employing bulk segregation methods. 

At HOW Biomass, we are committed to delivering our services responsibly and sustainably, ensuring that we meet the needs of our customers while managing the social, environmental and economic impacts of our operations and services. We recognize that by working with our customers, employees and the communities in which we serve, we can make a greater contribution to a more sustainable society.

With the Management team having qualified professionals in the area of Municipal Solid waste Management, HOW Biomass also offers consultancy and engineering services in the following areas.


  • Air Pollution Control System
  • Process Fume Control System
  • Process Ventilation System
  • Dust Control System


Solid Waste

  • Industrial Waste Management, Handling and Disposal
  • Bio-Waste Management, Handling and Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Management, Handling and Disposal
  • Municipal Waste Management, Handling and Disposal
  • Domestic Waste Management, Handling and Disposal


  • Acoustic Treatment of DG Room
  • Acoustic Enclosures to DG Sets.

Pollution Control - Execution Field

  • Data Collection and Analysis with Available Data
  • Assessment of Level of Pollution in Industrial Units
  • Preparation of Environment Impact Assessment Report
  • Liaisoning for procuring N.O.C from Pollution Control Boards
  • Implementation of Environment Management Plan
  • Designing of the Proposed Pollution Control System
  • Management Plan of N.O.C from concerned Pollution Control Board
  • Supply, Erection and Commissioning of the Proposed Pollution Control Systems
  • Operation and Maintenance of Pollution Control Plant on AMC
  • Legal Consultancy Service for Appeals against Pollution Control Board.

Technical Collaboration from Overseas Technology Providers

  • Garbage Sorting System
  • Appliance Recycling System
  • Recyling System of waste Vehicle and Metal
  • Genration System of Waste Fermentation
  • Composting System
  • Plastic Recycling System
  • Recycling System of Bulky Waste
  • System of RDF and RPF
  • Sludge Treating System
  • Fluidized bed Pyrolysis Gasification System
  • Hazardous Waste and Medical Waste Treating System
  • Waste Water Treating System

Our Philosophy

To make our know how; your advantage


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Technology Partner


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